Jan 23, 2023 Take Five, 2022!

By Kathryn Keho

If these recent years have taught us anything, it’s that change is a constant, that we’re all learning together, and that problem-solving is an iterative process. As always, PricePoint has tried to keep pace with the challenges facing our business partners and provide relevant perspective and expertise along the way. With 2022 behind us, I invite you to take a moment to revisit PricePoint’s Top Five – a collection of resources that we hope will help you navigate the year ahead.

Enjoy the read, and all the best in 2023. We look forward to serving you in any way we can.

1. Top Ten Things You Might Not Know About HHG Moving

TopTen-SidebarA quick primer on important things every move buyer should know about the mechanics of moving. We’ve also put together the first in our series of “Moving 101” materials – handy glossaries and guides to the terms and players in the industry. We also invite you to download our Supplementals 101 and Shipment Types 101 guides. See how much you know 



2. Supply Chain Shockwaves and International Freight Pricing Volatility (and what you can do about it)

Shockwaves-SidebarOcean and air freight rates didn’t just go up in 2022 – they went up, down, and sideways, and the patterns of change were completely different depending on mode, region, and timing. Until global supply chains level out, this kind of volatility is likely to be with us well into 2023. For a deeper dive into the subject, download our International Freight Retrospective white paper. Prepare yourself  



3. Don’t Run a Mobility RFP like it’s 1999

1999RFP-SidebarFollowing a very chaotic – and costly – last two years, many companies are being forced to reevaluate their mobility programs. You know you need a framework to evaluate, select, and manage your suppliers, but how best to do that with all the uncertainty still at play? There are many strategic business reasons to build your moving supply chain outside the confines of a traditional RFP that will allow your network to be more efficient, responsive, and produce better results. Want to go deeper? Watch our Break Free from Mobility RFPs webinar. Why RFPs don't work  


4. We Can’t Afford to Keep Moving the Same Way


An insightful recap addressing the many logistical and supply chain issues facing the moving industry.  Get practical advice on how movers and their clients can work together to ensure successful transferee experiences despite today’s volatile moving environment. You can also check out our webinar, co-hosted by Scott Ferree, VP Sales and Marketing at MiniMoves and Frederic Delahaye, President and Founder of Go-Group. It's time to move differently


5. Sustainability in the HHG Moving Industry

Sustainability-SidebarHHG moving is a very resource-intense industry with its reliance on fossil fuels, packing and crating materials, and freight. Happily, many movers are taking important steps to reduce their carbon footprint for environmental and key business reasons. This article highlights our interview with Jessica Deutschmann, Partner Relationships Manager at Gosselin and President, FIDI 39 Club. Learn more about the difference we can make together in FIDI’s comprehensive sustainability guidelines. Move towards sustainability


Kathryn Keho

As Head of Commercial, Kathryn’s role is to keep PricePoint’s marketing, sales, and revenue operation efforts moving forward. While she’s new to this industry, she brings over 20 years of experience in corporate life sciences. (The jury’s out on whether genome sequencing is more complicated than the 400N). Kathryn is passionate about sharing PricePoint’s vision to make moving and mobility work better for everyone.