Nov 1, 2022 Mover2Mover Upgrades: Analysis Tool & EZ-RFP

By Miranda Boettger

PricePoint has rolled out some important updates for our Mover2Mover subscribers. We've added more features and functions to our Analysis Tool, giving users greater flexibility by allowing comparisons by location, partner, and tariff. EZ-RFP has been made more intelligent and robust, saving you even more time and energy when building your pricing.

As always, we thank our mover community for your support and feedback. You help us to continually improve our products. If you have any questions or comments on these developments, please reach out to our Customer Support Team

Analysis Tool Features & Changes

  • Now “Preferred Partner Analysis” meaning you can only compare those movers that are designated as a preferred partner. This change was required to have a reasonable speed to return results and still supports the most common use case of users comparing their partner’s rates or their own rates.  
  • Easier process to select the location you wish to review, by selecting Market, Mode, and Currency. You no longer have to review one agent or one tariff at a time. 
  • A wider array of available tariffs for review because we do not limit by Market + Port, and now instead compare all tariffs for the same Market selected
  • Shows the mover’s score for their percentage above / below market average (less than average = A or B / more than average = C or D) 
  • More customization options to view and compare only the tariffs you want by clicking view icon   

Future Updates to Analysis 2.0 include adding legend / color in the tariff results table to make it easier to tell which line on the graph represents which tariff.   

EZ-RFP Tool Features & Changes 

  • Three options for results 
    • Preferred Partner tariffs and lowest cost 
    • All available tariffs and lowest cost 
    • All available tariffs and average cost 
  • The biggest change is in how the system processes errors and the RFP file so you no longer have to stay on that page and wait for results 
  • The EZ RFP Uploads page (View Uploads) also gives you a list of all RFPs ran with both the file uploaded and the results file available for download 

Future Updates to EZ-RFP include adding a list of all Market locations in PricePoint for easier template building. 


Once again, thank you for your support of Mover2Mover. Our Customer Support Team is ready to help and hear your feedback on these improvements.

Miranda Boettger

Miranda is the link between our customers and the technical team, making sure we build great products. Miranda comes to PricePoint after managing international pricing and agent networks at both UniGroup and Graebel.