Jun 17, 2020 PricePoint Domestic: Move Smart, Move Simply

By Ben Heller

Just a few weeks ago, we launched PricePoint Domestic with a birth announcement. One person actually congratulated me on having a baby girl, and others were curious what PricePoint Domestic is all about. So here’s a little insight on what we’ve built and what our new arrival is growing into.

The challenge: moving transferees within the US is not as simple as A to B. Logistics, transit times, quality, pricing, and service levels – with so many variables, understanding your options and making the best moving decision can be complicated and time-consuming.

Pricing a move is more complicated than ever. Micro shipment or container? Supplier availability and timing? How many quotes should I obtain? What about their claims rates? What’s the best value? Ever tried putting a diaper on a newborn for the first time? Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

PricePoint Domestic simplifies this process and makes selecting the right supplier for the job easier than ever. Our innovative, dynamic, data-driven technology gives you a comprehensive snapshot of your options to help you make the smart decision the first time, and every time.

With PricePoint Domestic, you’ll have access to your entire portfolio of movers, for any move, priced immediately. We’re starting to track transit time, claims rates, and other metrics to enable users to make the best decisions, receive the best performance, and pay the right price – because better information means better planning with better results for you and your transferee.

Staying true to our mandate, we’ve built PricePoint Domestic to be mover-friendly. We’re working with movers to price the way they want to price. 400-N, Single Factor Rate, Component based, Point to Point, or some other unique variation … we’re making complicated move pricing simple.

The bottom line: PricePoint Domestic helps movers be more strategic so they can and win moves that are efficient and profitable for them.

While our baby is only a few weeks old, we’d love to schedule a visitation hour with movers and mobility companies to hear your feedback.

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Ben Heller

CEO Ben fell in love with the mobility industry while running Accentureʼs global mobility consulting practice. Focusing on the mobility supply chain, he learned the hard way that move pricing is complicated, unclear, and vulnerable to manipulation. After evaluating all existing alternatives, Ben partnered with Ryan to make data-driven moving decisions possible.