May 20, 2021 What if RFPs Weren’t a Total Time Suck?

By Miranda Boettger

Mobility RFPs are notoriously cumbersome. A global RFP covering 20 locations with 10 shipping types and five sizes and weights can result in 20,000 data points. What’s worse is that this probably won’t even cover the entire scope of the customer’s move program.

PricePoint created EZ-RFP to help take the pain out of building RFP responses. By harnessing the power of PricePoint’s database, EZ-RFP subscribers have been able to improve their speed, efficiency, and effectiveness in the pricing aspect of corporate RFPs. Users have the flexibility to calculate multiple shipment modes, weights, and volumes for hundreds of lanes all at the same time in their desired currency. The complete calculations can be downloaded into Excel to make populating your final RFP document as painless as possible. With EZ-RFP, data that used to take 10-20 hours to compile can be pulled in as little as 10-20 minutes.

Thanks to the feedback from Mover2Mover subscribers like you, we’ve been able to improve the system to make it even more intelligent, agile, and user-friendly. We’re delighted to announce the release of these improvements in the new EZ-RFP.

Here’s what’s better for you:
Intelligent download of OA and DA rates

With the previous system, you had to have rates for a complete door-to-door lane to get results out of the tool. Now, you can download origin, freight and destination rates separately – and if you’re missing a component, the system simply omits that piece, allowing you to build a much more flexible output.

Fix template errors with ease

Spreadsheets remain the backbone of pricing professionals, but they’re anything but error-free. The new EZ-RFP allows you to fix template errors quickly and with much more descriptive detail.

Designate your preferred agents

As you need to be in control of how your pricing is tabulated, you can now designate your preferred agents. You can still use the tool to evaluate pricing from “All Available Agents” and get the lowest pricing among all partners that have shared their rates with you.

Lowest rate & average rate

Lowest rate or market average rate? You decide. Market average rates have been included in the new EZ-RFP, so you can price with confidence knowing how your prices compare to the market average.

Missing lanes? No problem.

If your preferred agents don’t cover certain geographic areas, the new EZ-RFP can pull market averages for any missing lanes.

Faster processing

We’ve improved the processing speed of the new EZ-RFP, just like you asked for.


We hope you will love the new product and look forward to hearing your feedback. If you’re not a Mover2Mover subscriber and are interested in a demo, we’d love to hear from you.

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Miranda Boettger

Miranda is the link between our customers and the technical team, making sure we build great products. Miranda comes to PricePoint after managing international pricing and agent networks at both UniGroup and Graebel.