Mar 22, 2019 EZ-RFP Relaunch: Simplify Your Corporate RFP Pricing

By Miranda Boettger

We have officially re-launched the EZ-RFP tool within Mover2Mover. With EZ-RFP, Mover2Mover subscribers will be able to dramatically improve their speed, efficiency, and effectiveness when participating in the pricing aspect of corporate Request for Proposals (RFP).

EZ-RFP harnesses the power of the PricePoint database. The same logic that the Mover2Mover Calculator uses to generate rates on a move-by-move basis is used in the EZ-RFP tool  to generate multiple rates at once. The lowest available cost rates available to you in the PricePoint System are returned to you.

You have the flexibility to calculate multiple shipment modes, weights, and volumes across hundreds of lanes all at the same time in your desired currency. Results include origin, freight, and destination components broken out and show the agent used for each rate. Completed calculations can then be downloaded into Excel with the push of a button making the population of your final RFP document easy. 

We wanted to do away with the burdensome process of creating tedious spreadsheets that calculate the myriad range of door-to-door prices typically required by corporate buyers. 


Save yourself days of work with PricePoint EZ-RFP Process



Traditional RFP Process vs the RFP Process with PricePoint

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Miranda Boettger

Miranda is the link between our customers and the technical team, making sure we build great products. Miranda comes to PricePoint after managing international pricing and agent networks at both UniGroup and Graebel.