May 8, 2018 Paradigm Shift in the Moving Industry

By Insights

"In every industry, sooner or later something comes along that is so revolutionary that it changes the industry forever." 

In this month's Mobility Magazine, Michelle Sandlin interviewed Ryan Keintz to better understand the paradigm shift that PricePoint is creating in the household goods world. 
 Michelle provides a 360 degree view of how PricePoint is making the industry better for movers, RMCs and their corporate clients. She writes, "From a big-picture perspective, one of the most important aspects of a system such as PricePoint is that it serves as a much-needed neutral party to the pricing process, which benefits everyone involved."

The feature article also  incudes insights from two of our early partners.  

“Voerman was one of the first companies to jump on board, because for us, it was a tool to make our processes much more efficient, and much easier... With our current clients, and with millennials coming into play, we need to offer self-service solutions in a very smart way, and I think that one of those features is instant global pricing."
- Wiebe van Bockel, chief commercial officer at Voerman International

“PricePoint is truly an industry leader, leveling the playing field and bringing a Travelocity-type experience to the moving industry. The tool meshes well with the younger assignees we so often see, and it’s extremely easy to use, providing a wealth of vital information at your fingertips.”

- Jill Ayers-O’Neil, vice president of supplier partner management at Bristol Global Mobility