Apr 4, 2022 Going Local

By Miranda Boettger

We’ve recently announced a simplification of the pricing process for local moves within PricePoint Portal. There is now a new shipment type available in Portal called “Local”. Users now have the option to use Local Tariffs, Local Rates Calculator, and Local Moves for pricing and managing door-to-door (DTD) moves that occur within the same city.

Previously, movers had to create origin, freight, and destination tariffs for a move occurring within the same city. This caused unnecessary work and confusion. Now, a mover simply has to create one local tariff that covers all door-to-door charges. 


This feature is now available to all our users:

  • Agents: Use Local Tariffs to create and price local door-to-door moves quickly and easily. Simply enter one location and one tariff for that location to create a local tariff.

  • Bookers: Use Local Rates Calculatoto get local quotes by entering only one location.
    • INTL Portal Bookers, please contact support@pricepointmoves.com with the desired coordination fee/margin (ex: flat amount or %) that you wish to add on top of your tariffs for local moves.
  • Portal RMC/Corporate users: Use Local Moves to request rates, check your suppliers’ prices, as well as award and manage local moves. Local Moves are created almost the same as INTL or CONUS, except you only need to enter one location.

General FAQs

  • What is a Local Move and when should I use it?
    • A local move is a door-to-door road shipment that occurs within the same city or PricePoint market area (50 mile radius). These types of moves previously were handled as a move with the same origin and destination. 

  • What about “Extra Location” supplementals?
    • For moves that have an Extra Stop / Extra Pickup / Extra Drop-Off location as part of Packing / Origin Services or part of Delivery / Destination Services, you will have “Extra Pickup/Drop-Off” as a supplemental item to cover this type of cost. If a DTD move is occurring within the same city as a stand-alone move, these should be handed as a Local Move.
  • What about existing “local” moves?
    • Moves that have already been created and awarded with the same origin and destination can continue within the INTL or CONUS Portal to which they were created.
    • New moves can no longer be created within the INTL or CONUS Portal using the same location as origin and destination.

We hope this new feature will help simplify the pricing process for local moves. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

Miranda Boettger

Miranda is the link between our customers and the technical team, making sure we build great products. Miranda comes to PricePoint after managing international pricing and agent networks at both UniGroup and Graebel.