Oct 9, 2019 Why Your Organization Should Change – 5 Tips To Get You There

By Ben Heller

Businesses are changing faster than ever before. Chances are, your company is in a transformational period right now.  For businesses to survive and thrive, they need to adapt and innovate fast. This presents challenges that traditional human resource organizations aren’t optimized for. Enter Agile.

Agile is a project management methodology and value system that puts people above plans in order to increase innovation, speed, and ROI. Agile was established by a team of Adobe developers to create a better approach to building software.

In this month's Mobility Magazine, I authored an article about how HR and mobility organizations can adapt and embrace agile to improve their innovation and speed. 

My 5 tips for mobility leaders
  1. Create an agile mindset, and communicate your goals.
  2. Just do it.
  3. Collaborate with your customers.
  4. Leverage technology
  5. Iterate

You'll have to read the full article in this month's October Mobility magazine for the full details.

Becoming HR Agile Mobility Magazine

Ben Heller

CEO Ben fell in love with the mobility industry while running Accentureʼs global mobility consulting practice. Focusing on the mobility supply chain, he learned the hard way that move pricing is complicated, unclear, and vulnerable to manipulation. After evaluating all existing alternatives, Ben partnered with Ryan to make data-driven moving decisions possible.