May 21, 2019 Rate Analyst Position

By Ben Heller

If you are an international moving company, you may occasionally find yourself needing to fill a “Rate Analyst” position. Who is your ideal candidate? 

Maybe it's someone who can: 

  • Handle upwards of 20,000 quotes per month
  • Guarantee 100% calculation accuracy on all quotes
  • Work 24/7/365, without breaks or holidays
  • Respond to all quote requests within seconds

Think such a person exists? Probably not. You might instead consider this "perfect employee" to be PricePoint.

How it works: movers upload their tariffs and assign their audience and privacy settings. Other movers can instantly access quotes based on weight, volume, shipment mode, and lane. There is no delay for requests that came in overnight, and no calculation or typing errors. Plus, faster quoting means more converted business.

“PricePoint helps you quote faster, win more business, and free up your employees.”

Beyond serving your partners faster and winning more moves, PricePoint makes your current teams better without actually adding any employees. Rather than responding to hundreds (or even thousands) of rate requests, movers are freed up to spend more time serving their customers. Best of all, everything described here is free!

Would you’d like to interview this “employee”?

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Ben Heller

CEO Ben fell in love with the mobility industry while running Accentureʼs global mobility consulting practice. Focusing on the mobility supply chain, he learned the hard way that move pricing is complicated, unclear, and vulnerable to manipulation. After evaluating all existing alternatives, Ben partnered with Ryan to make data-driven moving decisions possible.